Usage with Affjax

There is an issue that discusses how usage with Affjax goes here:


In short, you can use the string response format for the request:

import Prelude

import Affjax (get)
import Affjax.ResponseFormat (ResponseFormatError(..), string)
import Data.Bifunctor (lmap)
import Data.Either (Either(..))
import Data.List.NonEmpty (singleton)
import Effect.Aff (launchAff_)
import Effect.Class.Console (log)
import Simple.JSON (readJSON)

type MyRecordAlias = { userId :: Int }

main = void $ launchAff_ $ do
  res <- get string ""
  case lmap transformError res.body >>= readJSON of
    Right (r :: MyRecordAlias) -> do
      log "all good"
    Left e -> do
      log "all bad"

transformError (ResponseFormatError e _) = singleton e

With Simple-Ajax

You can use Dario’s library for making requests with Affjax and handling errors with Variant here: